Apr 17, 2016
How to get the most out of your Children's Photography Session


My kids don’t sit still!

Believe me you are more stressed about this than I am. I deal with kids all day long and I expect it and know how to work with them – not against them. In my style of photography, we want to capture the essence of your child, so having them sit still isn’t going to do that.  We want to bring out their true personality and that happens when they are allowed to be free to express themselves.

I understand children and know how to gain their trust and build rapport. This varies on how long it takes –  some warm up fast, some are a little slower. The best advice I have for parents is sit back and relax and I will invite you to get involved you should I need your help. So please don’t answer for them or instruct them to ‘smile’. The best thing for you to do is be patient!


When is the best time to book my appointment?

The timing is best left up to you close to my suggested time, as you know your babies/toddlers moods and routines better than I do. It is no fun for anyone working with a hungry tired child. However, some sleepy shots can be very cute!


The best time to do newborn shoots is in the first 10 days, as early as possible. They sleep most of the time and are really flexible at this age. I can come to you as I know what it is like with a new baby, all I require is alot of natural light (eg: a large window. Please note the best time of day that the light shines through morning light or afternoon light are best). This makes it easier on everyone to get the shoot done in the first week.I am also happy for you to come to my farm studio , I have everything set up for newborns. If I book you the week you are due I then know to be availabe somewhere around that time.


Keep it simple! You are welcome to bring a couple of changes, however I don’t recommend anymore than 2-3 changes as this makes children fuss and they can become hard to work with. I have some gorgeous pettiskirts for the girls and other vintage pieces and props! The only rule i would say there is try to keep away from clothing that has brand name or writing on front as this distracts away from the child. If there is more than one child in the photo please try to dress them in complimentry colours.


No Cheese Please!!!

Please please do not practise their smile, kids always get that silly ‘cheese’ smile face when they have been practising. We try to capture natural, interesting shots not forced, posed, unnatural photos that you have seen time and time again.

We only want natural smiles! I will capture many images of your child alot will be smiling, some laughing, possibly some sad or shy, and some showing a little drama/ serious which will give the image more character and depth. I guarantee you will love what I capture, so again sit back relax and let me do what I do best. Capture awesome photos of your kids!


Rules – Well there are NO RULES !

I know you are raising respectable, well mannered, good little human beings, now that you know that i know that!  please leave all the rules at home, and the bribery and the threats! Really i can deal with anything they want to throw at me, and to tell you the truth when we throw the rules out the window (just for the session time) i get the best results, i get the pure emotion, the free spirit that is your child. We might tell rude jokes (age appropriate of course) we may say fart or make rude sounds, but this gets the best expressions, so just for a couple hours leave your rules at home and let me lead the way!

No Posing!

If you have taken a look at my work, you will quickly realise there is no posing! that includes for the adults! if you are looking for everyone looking straight at the camera then i am not the photographer for you, whether it be your child or your family i am going to capture you all just being yourselves and having fun, these to me are the best images and this my friend is my style of photography. Now i know ladies it can be hardwork to get your partner to come along for photos, he’s thinking oh boy! do i have too, lets get this over with already, might be thinking back to all that posing at your wedding, well he is in for a real treat, Dad’s have super fun during my sessions, i have ways of keeping them busy and entertained and i haven’t had a dad yet that hasn’t got right into it and had fun, so bring him along kicking and screaming and i’ll sort him out:)


Can we come to you?

Although alot of my work is done here on my farm studio, i love to get out occasionally and see new locations, so if you would like your shoot done on your farm or have another location in mind, please run it by me! I am keen to do flowering orchards, wildflower, canola flower, wide open space , rustic old run down barn, junk yard shoots etc. maybe there is a place that is significant for you, maybe where you and your husband took you wedding photos, you now wish to revisit and do a family shoot! The opportunities are endless:)

If you feel you child would be more relaxed in their own enviroment no problem I understand and can accomodate you and your childs needs.

So just ask, depending on how far you wish me to travel there may be a travel charge however it will be minimal.

When you arrive at my farm studio or on location!

This is really important when dealing with children. When you first arrive or we meet on location, I and if i have an assistant will talk with you the parents first. This sends a message to the child that we are someone you like and trust and will help them feel more secure when we turn our attention to them. As expected, we will treat your child or children with friendliness, kindness, sillyness and offer them a really enjoyable time.

So there you go, keep it simple and relax.


If you have any questions which aren’t answered here please don’t hesitate to call and ask.