That's a great question...

Although a photoshoot and choosing images is alot more involved than “can i see your pricelist?” I have put this up as a guide only! we can customise your order to suit your needs.

This is an investment of my time and talent and  gorgeous images to display in your home, unfortunately it’s going to cost you :), I would love to do it for hugs, however I have a family to feed , bills to pay and this is my profession not a hobby.

If you feel this is out of your budget  and you have considered that we offer lay-by and payment plans and you are still unsure, then don’t give up all hope, our “mini sessions” held throughout the year maybe just what your looking for. Keep an eye on our events page for the next “mini sessions”  dates

If you want one on one personalised service from a photographer who cares,  loves kids and works with them and their personality, then stick around and check out the investment…

Shelly Hood Photography offers digital images starting at $95 ea and digital collections beginning at $850.  The average client invests $850-$1200 in their custom photography.

Family Friendly Payment Plans available

Session fee extra