What was your biggest fear/concern/worry when hiring me? 


I was concerned my son would not sit still long enough to photograph. Shelly was great chasing him around and getting wonderful shots that captured his adventurous spirit. I had no concern’s when she photographed our newborn daughter. ~ Dachelle Newvine


I was defiantly worried my son wouldn’t behave, as he was feeling a little off, Shelly was amazingly friendly and it was such a relaxing and calm environment,  the pricing was fantastic an I absolutely LOVE our photos. ~ Amy Mitchell


My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t get any photographs of myself with my kids that I liked as I usually feel very awkward in front of the camera. I can’t believe how many shots I got that I don’t just like but love. ~ Sally Sheridan


I was worried my kids wouldn’t behave and maybe more that my husband wouldn’t!! But shelly was very relaxed and set up a treasure hunt and was laid back enough not to scare my husband ???? ~ Melinda Watson


What was your favorite part of working with me, and why?


How much fun she had with our son. How gentle and soothing she was with our daughter (including introducing me to white noise to sooth her – many a thank you over the next few months). How beautifully she caught their personalities. ~ Dachelle Newvine


We had a fantastic time with the horses on the old truck and Ethan Loved playing with Shelly’s boys, it calmed him down a lot and we got the perfect images. ~ Amy Mitchell


Loved your relaxed friendly go with the flow attitude if something wasn’t working you found something that did.
~ Lynette Smith


Absolutely beautiful photos that I will look back on in the future and be glad that I had them taken. ~Kim Saxon


The country theme and laid back approach. ~ Tracy Stirling


That you were able to make the girls feel relaxed and capture their true personalities. This was important to me, as I didn’t want just normal staged/posed photos. ~ Meagan Vander Schoor


I love that you love people acting naturally and I love the way you made the boys laugh and rolled around with them.
~ Alison Murphy


Working with Shelly was a wonderful experience for us all as she has the ability to make you feel at ease, comfortable and captures the true essence of your family. Shelly has a natural flare for what she does and that is what keeps me going back to have my children’s pics taken. ~ Sherryn Browne

If you were to recommend Shelly Hood Photography to your best friend, what would you say?


Shelly is a professional and creative Photographer, who has a wonderful way with children. I could not recommend her highly enough. ~ Dachelle Newvine


I have defiantly recommended Shelly many many times to everyone I know, I even pull out my photos, the photos say so much more than words can ???? ~ Amy Mitchell


I would say that not only are the photos lovely but the whole experience was lovely. And although professional photos can be expensive, Shelly is not over priced and the photos are well worth it. ~ Meagan Vander Schoor


If you want memories to cherish forever that show natural happiness then you should definitely visit Shelly. ~ Cindy Hayes


Amazing natural photography and you take time to sit with your clients. Not rushed at all! ~ Rachel Timperley


Shelly Hood captures the essence of who you are, she captures emotion, spirit and texture beautifully. ~ Alison Murphy


Yes I have recommended shelly to many people.  I say that the photos she takes are amazing. That they won’t be disappointed. Even though they are not cheap, you get what you pay for and they’re timeless pieces that you can have up in your house like a piece of art. ~ Melinda Watson


Firstly I would show them the photo’s I have had done by Shelly. The tell them it is money well spent as if we don’t capture the image of our families whilst their young we can’t go back. Also that Shelly is so accommodating and listens to what you want and makes the whole experience fun for all. ~ Sherryn Browne